Saturday, July 23, 2011

Normal Life

nw the time going to fly back to thursday n friday

210711 - Thursday
tis is a normal day for everyone
but this is a sad day for me ..
she is my best friend ( not going to mention her name )
she cum n find me after her sejarah lesson
she wn to help her to tell lie to her sejarah teacher ..
so sad that she just know come to find me when she need me
after she find me .. the teacher cum n find me le .. =.=
the teacher call me go to the staff room n ask me all thgs
i feel so shock that y the teacher will know =.=
i tell the teacher all the thgs at last
i feel sorry to her
but oso feel dissapointed  ..
suan le ..
hope she still take me as her friend ...

220711 - Friday
ok ... tat day is a big day
we ponteng .. yeah
Yi Mei , Chun Xian n ME ...
we are bad bad student  .. haha
n we met tiok Tan Ai Suan
so "lucky"
she caught us buying thgs in the canteen but nt ponteng =.=
cz yi mei told her that we pj class =.=
but luckily she din demerite our marks
so happy ..
thn we went to library
but the teacher thr kick us out n call us bck to the class to study =.=
after being kick out from the library ..
we go to upper n continue to study
we all study till sleep =.=
after that kiah tian run down from her class to find us ...
at night after ttn my father brought us when to the matta fair at pisa
so hot thr n ppl so many ..


exam is around the corner
hope everyone karyao in their exam

ILY <3

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