Tuesday, July 5, 2011

hihi , everyone ...
finally they are nt enemy le ..
hooray for them ...
[clap hands] =.=
ok , here i am nw going to post abt my sunday ^.^
actually ntg special la ..
jz a simple day for me ...
i went to JUSCO that day with my father n brother ..
we want to watch the TRANSFOMER 3 d ..
bt very unlucky ... all the time have full ..
so my father deecided to buy morning d ... 11:45a.m.
very early leh ...
i thought no one will come n watch the movie so early wn ..
bt it is opposite ..
i saw many students there ...
gt berapit d .. wearing school uniform =.=
n oso junior =.=
ok , back to sunday ...
bcz of no ticket ..
so we went back home ..
bt b4 went home ...
my father went to see luggage ..
at there i see tiok Pei Pin n oso Tan Ai Suan =.=
wa ... so lucky haha ..
the movie is really nice <3 ..
i see morning d , my brother jiu go n c afternoon d ....
cnt meet tiok him .. haiz ..

my purple shoe ^.^

my brother n the new bed =.=

some picture of transfomer =D

bumble bee .. I LOVE IT <33

ok , just end here XD

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