Saturday, July 16, 2011

Caring Week '11

2day is our skul d caring week =D
very high bt oso very tired ..
nw my hand n leg lik wn patah alredi =.=
dno monday wn hw le T.T
ok nw lets talk abt the caring week =D
2day sir call us to reach skul b4 6:30 a.m.
so i reach skul abt 6:28a.m. lik tat ..
when i reach din c tiok anyone at lower =.=
afterward jz noe they all at canteen do thgs alredi =.=
then khai xian sir call us go n help game thr ...
after we tie finish the banner ..
i run to canteen again
jz run here n run thr ..
after prepare finish the food ...
all the ppl go troop meeting le except for mi n yi mei ...

the food fair start at 8:00a.m.
many ppl cum to buy our food
although the food is expensive .. haha
our prawn ball jz use 30 minute alredy sold out ..
so happy for me ..
cz i am incharge in selling those prawn
thn i help them to sell mc flurry n milkshake
many ppl lik to buy the mc flurry lo .. duno y
bt they say milkshake is tastier
i oso duno ..
cz i din eat tiok
after selling finish all the food ..
we start to sell milk n plain water ..
finally we sell all the things we have =D

thn we help to clean the fun fair =D
abt 12:30p.m .. we jz dismiss
although all of us very tired n lik wn die le ..
bt still very enjoy

2day oso the day my gege go for motor exam
hope him cn pass n get his motor ..
end post

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