Sunday, April 24, 2011

nwdays i lik to snap many photo around me ..
dno y ..
here again the photo that I snap it ...

my kawaii bottle n I gv it a name " little snail "

I read both of these book in one day .. =.=

science ... nt interested in it nw ...

again the Science ... i jz noe gt wat chapter only , bt oredi forget what inside writing abt

my beloved " little snail "

my table full of books , very messy =.=

this book really nice to read <3

my exercise book =.=

adding oil to myself ...

gambateh everyone in the exam ya

hate exam bt we still need to face it , so jz cn add oil only ...

exam is around the corner

karyao to my beloved brother =D

memory is oways the best for a people

kayao my BFF n brother <3

who are the best ? We are the BEST !! FORM 3 SCOUT is the BEST ...

jz end here  ....♥ 

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