Sunday, April 10, 2011

long time din update ler ...
so 2day i am going abt our gathering =D
ok ...
our gathering falls on 9.4.2011
and that day is a very high day 4 mi n oso every SCOUTER ..
we jump , shout , dance , sing , shake happily ...
i hv two item : sketch n dance ..
our sketch is the BEST of the BEST ...
tis is the truth ..
all of us act the best we cn ...
n finally we won "THE BEST SKETCH"
tis is such a happy news for all of the FORM 3
n nw the turn for the dance ..
all of the dancer the best le ..
bt wat is sad is , we cnt get 'THE BEST DANCE'
the guide dancer really dance very good ...
bt we oso very happy that we cn dance finish all ...
n oso thnks for my brother d comment ..
thnks for everyone ...
here i am going to list out everyone :-
Goh Pei Xuan - the people who lend us their house for us to practise
Chua Chea Fang - the people for our dance
Kang Kiah Tian - the people who accompany me to plan the dance n no sleep for the whole night
Chuah Yu Ti - the people who help me to buy the pants
Cheah Kang Yao - the people who is my dance partner
Fong Yong Jie - the people who always remind me how to dance better
Theu Zhi Yao - the people who lend us their computer for whole night
Thor Hock Well
Chen Ee Chien - the most important people for the sketch n the whole gathering
Chuah Yi Mei - my best best friend which always give me support
Tan Lip Xin
Ooi Phei Feng - the important people for our field decoration
Goh Jin Mei
Lim Chun Xian
Loo Zinger
Sim Ming Chia
Tan Ying Yue
Chau Jia Wen
Kh'ng Wei Jian
Kow Jia Jun
Kuak Ying Yi

The prize that we get :

wat a memorable day n happy day for mi ..
<3 it very much

end post ~

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